We install cold liquid applied coating systems for flat roofs, with a big difference. We manufacture our own products and our own people install them.

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StructureCare specialises in developing bespoke specifications for individual flat roofs. StructureCare forms part of the CPG Europe/ RPM Inc. group of companies meaning we have access to the full portfolio of CPG Europe’s high performance construction product solutions. This allows us to analyse your requirements and tailor a specification to suit.

The market leading systems we install are:

  • Blueshield PmB
  • AlphaGuard PUMA
  • AlphaGuard Bio
  • POWERplyZ
  • ElastasealZ

With a number of ETA and BBA approvals, and a 40 year track record in the waterproofing market, StructureCare offers an exceptional and risk free proposition when it comes to waterproofing your flat roofs. To complement our unrivalled ability to tailor-make a specification for your flat roof, our experienced surveyors will visit site to undertake a free of charge survey of your roof. Once on site, the trained surveyor will determine whether an intrusive survey will be beneficial and, if so, undertake core samples and moisture readings there and then to ascertain the build-up of the roof's individual layers and fall direction. After the survey is complete, the surveyor will produce a report including photographs which will conclude with recommendations and next steps.

There is no project too big or small for our team of dedicated professionals; from full strip up and relay to small overcoating works. Whatever the size of your project, StructureCare has the skilled teams to do it all and would be happy to assist.

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Inverted Roofs

An inverted roof, also referred to as a ‘protected membrane’ or ‘upside down’ roof, is a form of flat roof in which the waterproofing layer is located beneath the thermal insulation.

The waterproofing layer is typically a liquid-applied membrane above a concrete roof slab, with insulation boards laid over the top, weighted down with either paving slabs or gravel ballast to protect against wind uplift and flotation.

StructureCare has designed and installed many inverted roof systems mostly in city centre locations throughout the UK.

Warm Roofs

In a warm roof, the principal thermal insulation is placed above the structural deck but below the waterproof membrane.

StructureCare can deliver the thermal improvements you need and can help reduce your energy bills. Before a product is specified, a U value calculation is made either from drawings detailing the existing roof build up, or by taking a core sample of the roof. This provides a measure of how well the roof keeps heat inside the building. The resultant value determines the thickness of insulation required and is also used to ensure that condensation will not occur after the installation.


Green and Brown Roofs

Green and Brown roofs are becoming increasingly more common.

They are both made up of natural ingredients, and planted over a waterproofing membrane. On a green roof, the build-up of the roof is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium.

A brown roof differs in that the substrate surface is left to self-vegetate from bird and wind seed dispersal, which aims to increases biodiversity.

Metal Roofs

StructureCare specifies and applies systems that are suitable for refurbishing many types of traditional roofing materials, including cement / fibre cement sheeting, profiled metal sheets, PVC, plastisol, PVF2, asbestos and other factory coil-coated substrates.

StructureCare tackles the vulnerable areas of metal roofs which are typically concentrated around the joints and fixings. We provide various solutions which offer flexible, durable, lasting protection from 10-30 years.

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