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Offering a range of technically advanced lightweight deck coating systems, concrete repairs and corrosion mitigation systems, expansion joints and anti-carbonation coatings, we are able to provide a total protection solution to your parking structure.

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The provision of user friendly, safe, and aesthetically-pleasing parking is a key factor in the success of any commercial development. However, the Multi Storey Car Park (MSCP) is a unique building with a range of specific problems that need to be addressed.

MSCP’s are built using varying methods of construction with cost often being the primary consideration in their design. Accordingly, suitable protective measures are often sacrificed at construction phase, ignoring the ethos of lifecycle costing principles.

The car park as a structure is unique. Extremes of cyclical loading, often on a daily basis, occur as the car park is filled on a morning and emptied by evening. Lacking a stable heat source, the structure feels the full force of daily and seasonal temperature variations.

Water and contaminants are easily introduced, both directly through the open sides or indirectly via cars entering the structure. Harmful chlorides are deposited by cars and lead to chloride attack of the steel reinforcing bars. High concentrations of carbon gasses from exhaust fumes accelerate the carbonation of the concrete leading to further corrosion of the steel.

With this in mind, protective coatings and effective weatherproofing measures should be a primary consideration in a new structure.

In existing car parks, there is often visual evidence to demonstrate the effect of insufficient protection. Whilst repairs and protective coatings at this stage are often reactive measures, careful material specifications and good choice of experienced contractors can return the car park to a high level of decorative and structural well-being.

Whether working as Principal Contractor or specialist sub contractor, StructureCare will work with you to find the right solution and methodology and take into account factors unique to your car park including space and/or revenue loss, disruption to traffic flows and avoiding peak trading times.

Our approach combined with industry expertise, knowledge, specialist trade skills and hands-on management, means we can successfully deliver any car park refurbishment project, irrespective of size and complexity.


We recognise that car park facilities vary considerably in terms of age, condition, build-type and, of course, end user, and understand that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to refurbishing these structures simply does not work.

Using a range of state of the art, high-performance, proprietary systems, our highly skilled workforce will work with you to find the right solution and methodology for your structure, taking into account factors unique to your car park.

Our key differentiator within this niche market is derived from our strategic status as both manufacturer and installer of cutting-edge and innovative products, allowing us to promote the unrivalled benefits of single-point responsibility. These include concrete repair systems, protective coatings, sealants and expansion joints, and the market leading DeckProtect+ coating system.

New Build

The demand for parking spaces is rising continuously, especially in towns and city centres and this has led to many new MSCP’s being design and built. Every new parking facility is different in terms of locale, design and usage.

StructureCare often gets involved in the early stages with the designers or main contractors and provide practical advice and specifications to suit the exact requirements for the car park. We then provide support throughout the construction process such as inspecting the concrete pours before returning to site towards the back end of the project and undertaking our specification of works.

Suspended Service Decks

StructureCare is at the forefront of providing guaranteed, long-term solutions to these often problematic areas. Combining our rapid-curing, highly elastomeric, spray-applied membrane to the underlying, exposed concrete structure, guaranteed waterproof protection is provided immediately. StructureCare can then reinstate a heavy-duty surfacing, taking the form of either a SMA, HRA or Grouted Macadam, depending on the particular demands of the location. These wearing courses provide extremely durable, trafficable surfaces, (that can greatly reduce the effect of surface deformation caused by large service vehicles,) whilst providing a protective layer over the underlying, waterproof membrane.

Surface Car Parks

Surface car parks have a similar build up to roads with often heavily textured asphalts. StructureCare undertakes decorative wayfinding to asphalt surfacing to assist pedestrians and vehicles safely through the area.

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