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StructureCare offer complete Structural waterproofing solutions, encompassing Design and Installation, using its own CPG Europe manufactured products and fully trained workforce.

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StructureCare is in the enviable position to offer truly compelling single-source responsibility solutions via both market-leading CPG Europe and in-house manufactured products such as Blueshield PmB.

The BBA-approved Blueshied PmB has a track record of over 40 years and has been successfully installed worldwide with over 15 million m2 applied. The Blueshield PmB is a two-part, Polyurethane elastomer, pigmented blue. It is spray-applied, which eliminates difficult detailing issues, gels within eight seconds, and provides a fully-adhered, seamless waterproofing barrier.

StructureCare provides a comprehensive Technical Support Service for architects, specifiers and surveyors on both refurbishment and new build works.

We have the experience to delivery any project and we’ll endeavour to ‘get it right first time’ down to every last detail so that when you have a future structural waterproofing requirement, you will want to work with our teams again. That is why the majority of our customers are loyal repeat customers who use StructureCare time and time again.

StructureCare offers a wide range of structural waterproofing solutions suitable for a range of applications with the four most common detailed below.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about StructureCare's structural waterproofing offerings.

Structural Waterproofing Structural Water proofing

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Podium Decks

A podium deck is an externally-weathered, elevated structural element that has a void underneath it.

Podium decks are being incorporated into the design of more and more structures. They provide several options for usage but are often utilised as outdoor accessible spaces - for example, leisure spaces, terrace areas and gardens. The basements can vary but are usually either habitable space or car parking.

Whatever the usage, it is vital that a competent contractor is selected to undertake the waterproofing and surface finishes in these exposed areas to guarantee the whole structure remains watertight and protected.

If you would like to find out more, click here to download our Structural Waterproofing brochure.

Balconies & Suspended Walkways

Open-air spaces, such as balconies and suspended walkways, are constantly exposed to the elements and, therefore, require protection to prevent water from ingressing into the fabric of a building.

StructureCare offers a range of solutions that are specifically suited to these challenging environments.

Where required, we also incorporate the surface finishes offering decking, paving and anti-slip finishes. 

StructureCare offers safe, attractive and hard-wearing solutions and is the right choice when it comes to balconies and suspended walkways.



Not only are sports stadia large structures, they are also extremely complex. They must be designed to be able to cope with adverse weather conditions whilst having large open sections.

StructureCare has undertaken works on many large sports facilities; most recently, the new Tottenham Hotspur Football Club stadium. This project required an effective and proven waterproofing system to ensure the building envelope remained dry.

If you would like to find out more, click here to download our Stadia Brochure.


We are in the enviable and unique position of being able to provide our customers with single point responsibility solutions. Put simply, products manufactured by us, installed by us, and guaranteed by us.

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