Structural Repair & Protection

Structural Repair & Protection remains one of our core services and is essential to extend the life of any reinforced concrete structure.

StructureCare have extensive experience in this sector working on an array of structures including office buildings, hospitals, schools, car parks, bridges and much more.

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Concrete Repair & Protection remains one of our core services and is essential to extend the life of any reinforced concrete structure. The repair of reinforced concrete structures requires both quality materials and highly trained and experienced operatives to ensure longevity of the repairs. We are committed to ensuring our operatives have the skills and equipment necessary to undertake all concrete repair disciplines whilst complying with best practice.


In addition to concrete repairs to further enhance the life of a structure, StructureCare specialises in corrosion control systems and is on hand to assist you with a range of concrete testing, specification preparation and installation of corrosion control measures. We undertake testing of structures, analyse and evaluate the data obtained on site and provide a rapid appraisal of the extent of corrosion and possible mechanism. We will then advise remedial action factoring in the remaining design life of the structure and also our client's budget. StructureCare is experienced in the following techniques for the remediation of reinforced concrete structures:

  • Galvanic Anode Cathodic Protection
  • Hybrid Anode Cathodic Protection
  • Application of migrating corrosion inhibitor
  • Hand Applied Concrete Repairs
  • Poured / Flowable Concrete Repairs
  • Spray Concrete
Structural Injection & Leak-Sealing Injection

StructureCare also undertake crack Injection in concrete which is undertaken using a number of proven methods to repair and restore structural integrity, prevent ingress of deleterious materials, or even to prevent water leaks. Such issues are common in Buildings and Infrastructure such as Structural Elements, Retaining Structures, Service Tunnels or Shafts, or even Water Retaining Structures.

Through diagnosis it is important to understand the nature of the problem to determine the correct solution, and with this the most appropriate approach. Our specialist team are available to consult with you to ensure that the correct approach is taken, with varying techniques being available from conventional high-pressure injection through to vacuum injections. With this material selection is equally important, driven through understanding the need to accommodate live or static cracks, or whether hydrophilic or hydrophobic resins are required.

As part of this diagnosis, we will prepare and provide a Technical Specification and Pricing Proposal, and fully expect to walk through things with you to ensure that your needs have been met. Using our own site teams, we aim to deliver the works on site for you as effectively and efficiently as possible, following our strict quality processes.

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