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Rotherham MSCP Turned Into A Pepper Pot By StructureCare

Having commenced works to the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive multi-storey car park in May, The team at USL StructureCare are busy working through the structure in Rotherham removing existing coatings and starting concrete repairs.

Site Manager Clayton Davis commented "we have now removed all of the existing deck coatings from all parking decks to expose the concrete beneath. This will now allow us to assess the extent of concrete repairs required as well as determining our corrosion mitigation strategy. The car park now resembles a 'pepper-pot' due to the 1000 No. core holes we have had to drill through the decks to remove corroded link-bars between pre-stressed PC concrete units".


To ensure swift and safe removal of defective concrete, USL have adopted hydro-demolition techniques, and to date have removed over 25m3 of concrete! The use of hydrodem allows more accurate removal of concrete, as well as reducing wide-spread vibrations throughout the car park. However, a further challenge presented is to manage the waste-water produced during this process, which must be prevented from filtering down to the bus station situated directly beneath the car park.

The £2.3m project is due to run until mid 2019, by which time, USL will have installed 16,000m2 of DeckProtect+ to parking decks, over 30,000m2 of Nufins Covercrete to soffits and columns, as well as embedding around 15,000 No. sacrificial anodes around repairs. 


USL have also installed a time-lapse camera within the car park which will be used to capture images as the project progresses. Keep an eye on the website and social media for regular updates. 


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