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Works Well Underway At Rotherham

The Rotherham Transport Interchange was constructed in the late 1960s and has a multi-storey car park sitting directly above it. In 1995 Norseman Estates Limited bought the whole site from Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC), re-developing it with a shopping mall at the main entrance with new shops fronting onto Effingham Street. As part of the scheme, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) signed a 99 year lease agreement with Norseman Estates Limited to maintain and operate the interchange and car park above.

Over the past 10 years regular structural inspections have revealed a number of defects in columns, beams and slabs (car park surfacing) and a number of smaller repair schemes have taken place to maintain the car park’s structural integrity and safety of its users.

Deterioration of the remainder of the car park has continued and more recently a number of options were considered for the interchange including complete demolition however a budget cost proposal and scheme was developed illustrating how the entire structure could be comprehensively refurbished. in August 2016 it was agreed to progress with structural repairs to the car park and refurbishment of the interchange below and subsequently a design team was created to develop the scheme in greater detail.


Multi-story Car Park

Before image

USL StructureCare have recently been appointed to deliver the multi-million pound repair package to the car park including: 

  • Removal of existing deck coatings 
  • Significant structural concrete repairs 
  • Corrosion Management System 
  • Protective deck coatings  
  • Specialist coatings to columns, beams, walls and soffits 


 Multi-story Car Park


Ryan Williams, Special Projects Manager at USL StructureCare commented "the car park is only 5 miles from our Sheffield office, so we are delighted to have secured the project with Interserve. The specification called for a single source responsibility solution delivering a proven and guaranteed range of products to extend the life of the car park. Uniquely, we are able to achieve this at USL not just in terms of concrete repair products, corrosion mitigation and deck coatings, but being both manufacturer and installer, we can offer a completely compelling and unrivalled single point of responsibility guarantee'. 


The project which will run until early 2019 will see both the car park transformed as well as the interchange beneath.


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