Waterproofing works get underway at Dagenham

StructureCare are now on site in Dagenham undertaking a large wateproofing scheme.

Working as the Principal Contractor for BeFirst, StructureCare have recently commenced works on a podium deck waterproofing scheme, located above the Dagenham Heathway Shopping Centre. Constructed in 1988, the shopping centre is a hub in Dagenham, East London. On an average day, the shopping centre attracts a footfall of around 28,000 people.

The elevated podium deck is surrounded by 156 homes, known as Millard Terrace, therefore the works have had to be meticulously planned. Before work on the shopping centre commenced, StructureCare liaised with the Millard Terrace residents via letter drops, and by holding open meetings where residents could drop in at their convenience and ask questions about the planned works. This allowed the residents to have a sense of involvement, and eliminated any potential of hostility and opposition from the surrounding residents and homeowners. Furthermore, StructureCare consulted with the shop owners and retailers located below the podium as well as the local fire department, to inform them of the anticipated program, and explain how the works were going to be delivered.

An additional challenge that StructreCare had to overcome during the planning stage of this project, was to assess how to get the plant and materials onto the podium deck. As the podium deck is surrounded by properties, StructureCare had to crane lift all plant and materials onto the deck, over the surrounding buildings. This was executed and resolved by StructureCare instructing a local specialist firm to undertake a contract lift.

Existing paving slabs will be removed and set aside for re-use. Once removed, the exposed asphalt substrate will be prepared, and the Blueshield PMB waterproofing system applied. The BBA certified Blueshield PmB structural waterproofing system is a two- part, blue pigmented polyurethane elastomer; it is a spray-applied membrane that is pigmented blue to highlight application. It gels in seconds to provide a seamless, fully adhered barrier to ingress of water and other contaminants, and offers clients the perfect balance between design, aesthetics and practical performance, used and trusted for over 30 years. Following the application of the Blueshield PmB, the existing paving slabs will be reinstated on pedestal supports.

StructureCare’s Estimator, Jack Matthewman, said of the project:  "I am delighted to see this project commence. It has been in the planning and specification stage for a long while and I cannot wait to see the Blueshield PmB applied to this structure, to ensure it remains watertight for many years to come. I have the upmost confidence in the StructureCare project team, who will deliver these works in line with the customers’ expectations and as per the specification”.

StructureCare provides comprehensive Technical Support Service for architects, specifiers and surveyors on both refurbishment and new build works.

We offer a wide range of structural waterproofing solutions suitable for a range of applications. Please get in touch at info@structurecare.com if you would like to find out more about StructureCare's structural waterproofing offerings.

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