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Water Off A Car Parks Back

As part of the full refurbishment of the Dingwall Road Car Park in Croydon, USL StructureCare removed old and spalling concrete slabs on the roof deck and replaced them with over 600 tonnes of pumped Polymer modified screed.

Image above of Dingwall Road Car Park, Croydon


"The existing slabs were badly deteriorating and sealant in the joints between adjacent slabs had long since perished. The shallow falls were also creating ponding issues" said USL Site Manager Phil Janes. "The new screed gave us the opportunity to effect a complete surface replacement and at the same time increase the falls to effectively shed water" he added.


Polymer modified screed

Image above shows pumped polymer modified screed


The screed has subsequently been coated with the Pitchmastic DeckProtect+ Blueshield System manufactured and installed by USL.


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