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INTU Choice of Deck Coating Was Inadvertently Made For Us

The refurbishment of intu's Watford multi-storey car parks remains one the largest projects of its kind ever undertaken. With over 3000 No. parking spaces, the Kings, Queens, Palace and Charter structures provide a convenient and safe parking environment for visitors to the centre.

Works began back in 2016 when USL took possession of Queens multi-storey car park, and began to inspect and survey the structure. Early engagement with the Project and Centre Management team's ensured the scheme started efficiently and all stakeholders expectations were understood. 


USL's on site Project Team lead by Jaimi Wallin have gradually worked their way through the car park structures carrying out concrete repairs, corrosion mitigation works, anti-carbonation coatings and new expansion joints. One of the largest elements of the works however was the installation of protective deck coatings throughout, and Jaimi Wallin recognised early on in the project, that this could pose a problem if not tackled properly. 


"Our DeckProtect+ range of coatings is so versatile that we are able to utilise differing technologies to suit individual car parks and challenges. However it became clear early on that our DeckProtect+ MMA system, like all MMA's would not be suitable, due to the strong odours emitted during application. This conclusion was inadvertently reinforced during an 'open day demonstration' where we applied an MMA arrow to the deck. A number of the open day attendees had to leave the area due to the strong concentrated smell!".


USL StructureCare settled on their low odour, fast cure and easier to clean polyaspartic DeckProtect+ system, which has since been installed to all 4 No. car parks. The single point responsibility market leading guarantee provided with DeckProtect+ also gives intu complete peace of mind.   


Works in Watford are not due to complete until late 2018, when the largest and most complex of the car parks, Charter will be finished.

 Car Park Paint

Image above: Internal deck after completion

Watford town centres 3 No. other multi-storey car parks, operated by CitiPark and with 2500 No. spaces were also repaired and refurbished by USL back in 2015/16.


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