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Concrete Repair & Hybrid Corrosion Mitigation Solution In Aberdeen

The Bon Accord (and St Nicholas) Shopping Centre is the second largest shopping centre complex in Aberdeen served by a number of car parks providing a total of 1700 No. parking spaces.

USL StructureCare and sister company and manufacturer Nufins, have recently begun a large and prestigious £2m concrete repair project to the 1400 space Loch Street multi-storey car park, which for years has been suffering from extensive concrete deterioration and high levels of chloride contamination.


Image above shows deck areas marked out ready for anode installation


The 35 week project sees USL breaking out repairs to decks and soffits, which will then be reinstated using the Nufins range of concrete repair products. Due to the high levels of chloride contamination in the decks, and in order to arrest the corrosion of the embedded steel reinforcement in only 7 days, USL are also installing approximately 22,000 No. hybrid dual technology anodes by CPT Ltd into many of the deck areas. Once repairs are all complete, USL's DeckProtect+ coating system will be installed to deck areas to protect against further water/salt ingress and to improve aesthetics via the introduction of a coloured high performing and robust lightweight waterproofing.


Image above shows DeckProtect+ installed at Aberdeen's Bon Accord Shopping Centre car park


All other exposed areas of concrete will be treated with Nufins Covercrete anti-carbonation paint to protect against future carbon dioxide ingress.


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