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Challenging Access Presents No Problem For StructureCare

StructureCare were approached by one of the UK's leading professional property consultants to survey and inspect 4 No. standing seam metal roofs situated on Car Park No. 8 at Cardiff's Heath Hospital.

The 4 No. staircore roofs had over time begun to deteriorate and exhibit surface rust as well as excessive vegetation build up in rainwater gulleys. As part of a planned preventative maintenance regime, USL StructureCare proposed the use of their Roofshield PmB cold liquid applied system, including the provision of a market leading single point responsibility guarantee. 



Gaining access to the staircore's was always going to be a challenge, however USL were able to tap into their extensive supply chain and engaged with a reputable local scaffold contractor who managed to access all of the roofs using cantilevered and ground positioned scaffold towers. 


The standing seam metal roofs were thoroughly prepared to remove all traces of surface rust and contaminants before being coated with the Pitchmastic Roofshield PmB system. Roofshield, like many other cold applied liquid coatings is fully reinforced, however being manufactured and installed by USL StructureCare, the client benefits from a truly market leading single point responsibility guarantee.


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