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Blueshield PmB Protects Exclusive Housing Development

Battersea Reach is located on the banks of the River Thames in the heart of London, United Kingdom. Established as an exclusive waterside community, Battersea Reach has more to offer than just fine living space. Residents can enjoy convenient living in enviable surroundings.

To protect the prestigious development against water ingress the project required a combined waterproofing solution that would not only be effective but would also be able to cope with the complex detailing and on-site challenges. Blueshield PmB was selected and recommended by Broadway Malyon, the project Architects for St. George Developments.


The roof and terraces, once watertight and insulated were then finished using Marshall's Conservation Paving & Twinson composite decking.


Prior to the application of the waterproofing system the substrate was prepared and Tensile adhesion tests were then taken to confirm that the required bond strength of membrane to substrate would be achieved. Once this had been completed the substrate was sealed with Blueshield PmB primer, to ensure that there would be no outgassing from the concrete and further enhancing the adhesion of the subsequent membrane. Once the primer has cured Blueshield PmB was then spray applied to 1,200m² of the roofs & terraces (over multi-visits) and 3,500m² of the podium (over multi-visits).

 Water Ingress Solutions by StructureCare

The strict quality control measures required of Blueshield PmB include concrete moisture and temperature checks, air temperature reading and film thickness tests carried out throughout application which helped ensure the required thickness was achieved.


Use of Blueshield PmB spray applied membrane ensures rapid installation and cure, including difficult penetration details to meet strict programme requirements.

 Water Ingress Solutions by StructureCare

The choice of Blueshield PmB removed the gamble from the waterproofing of this prestigious development. It enabled an extended, potentially difficult waterproofing contract to be successfully completed 4 weeks ahead of schedule and has given Battersea Reach a waterproofing system which will provide a long service life and effective protection for many years to come.


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